Fix Your Blurry & Pixelated Facebook Business Page Logo

You’ve made your facebook business page and get set to add your whiz-bang logo with much excitement only to find that when the upload is complete your logo looks blurry and pixelated? Frustrated much?? I can relate… oh, how I can relate!
Never fear! Follow these steps below to ensure that your logo stays sharp and clear for your facebook page. Avoid the blurry and pixelated stress!
First things first though, let’s get to the bottom of why this happens in the first place! Facebook, like insta and other social media platforms use compressing on images. This isn’t a feature you can turn off so let’s not waste any time grumbling about it. Suffice to say, facebook stores enormous amounts of data on their servers and images take up a lot of space! Without compression the user experience would be slow and lets’ face it, who wants to do slow these days? All we want are our images (first and foremost our business logo) looking sharp and professional! Here’s what you need to know :

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